The New Historical Perspectives: from Baltica to Pacific Ocean
Science-Educational Journal

Publisher of the Journal

axremenkoDenis A. Akheremenko
Head of the Bryansk Regional Public Organization "Historical Consciousness", member of the
World Council Subcarpathian Ruthenians.
Scientific interests: the Ukrainian national movement in the XIX - XXI centuries, the history of feudal Russia, the history of historical thought in Russia in the twentieth century.


Borkunova Julia A. - designer-coder, education - Ivan Fyodorov Moscow publishing and printing college, University of the Russian Academy of Education. Since 2006, she has been cooperating with such publishing houses as "Rare Bird", "Neolith", "Sinbad". "Coincidence", "Quadriga".

Editorial Office


dubrovskiiAlexander M. Dubrovsky - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor ofBryansk State University, Director for Relations with Scientific Organizations at the  Bryansk Regional Public Organization "Historical Consciousness".
Scientific interests: history of the historical thought, Bryansk regional history, Russian provincial Maecenas history.

Production editor

matveevaAlexandra M. Matveeva - Candidate of historical sciences, an associate professor of the Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University.

Scientific interests: history of the Great Patriotic War, history of the Second World War, geopolitics, the history of the First World War, historiography, history of the USSR


Executive secretary

терентьевVyacheslav O. Terentyev - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Museum of the Admiral S.O. Makarov State University of Marine and River Fleet named after.

Scientific interests: military history of the XIX - XX centuries, ethnogenesis of the Slavs, partisan movement, military history and fortification of the early Slavic period and pre-Mongol Rus, the history of world wars


Editorial Council:

Mikhail V. Bryantcev - Doctor of Science (History), Head of the State and Law History Department at the Academician I.G. Petrovsky Bryansk State University. (Russia, Bryansk)
Scientific interests: public opinion at the USSR.

Irene Guerrini - Professor at the Turin University (Italy, Turin).
Scientific interests: New and Modern History of Italy.

Mikhail Yu. Dronov - Ph.D. (History), Researcher at the Eastern Slavs Studies Department at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, Moscow).
Scientific interests: Rusyn studies.

Sergey M. Nazariya - Doctor of Science (Politology), director of the Association of the Historians and Political Experts "Pro Moldova" (Moldova, Kishinev).
Scientific interests: international relations on the eve and at the times of the Great Patriotic War, Transdniestrian region at the modern geopolitics.

Marco Pluviano - Senior Researcher at the Regional Center for Resistance Movement Studies (Italy, Turin).
Scientific interests: New and Modern History of Italy.

Kirill V. Shevchenko - Doctor of Science (History), Associate Professor at the Russian State University for Social Studies (Belorussia, Minsk).
Scientific interests: Rusyn studies.

Willard Sunderland - Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati (USA, Cincinnati).
Scientific interests: New and Modern Russian history, revolution movement and civil war at Russia.

Dmitry V. Surzhik- Candidate of Historical Sciences, Scientific Secretary at the World Wars and Geopolitics Studies Centre (Institute for General History, Russian Academy of Sciences).

Scientific interests: diplomacy, geopolitics, IW/IO and public opinion, WWII, Great Patriotic War, cold war

Terentyeva Ekaterina A. - candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of history and regional studies Spbsut. Professor M. A. Bonch-Bruevich

Scientific interests: modern international relations and history of international relations, socio-cultural, social and socio-political processes in Europe, political ideas: history and modernity, history of science