The New Historical Perspectives: from Baltica to Pacific Ocean
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Dear Colleagues!

I’m glad to see you at the official web-page of the Science-Educational Journal “The New Historical Perspectives”.

History, in spite of it easiness and accessibility, is a science. Science, that is based on concrete facts and on this basis judges strict. But, when made the precise picture of the actions and their motives, History put them to the reader in a bright and vivid picture. That is what we try to show at the headings of our Journal. Here is the place for new historical sources and methods of their analysis, for well established historians and for the first-timers, for teachers of history, librarians, archivists, museum workers, science supervisors and for every person, attracted by this great and absorbing Science, based on the authentic Knowledge.

We would like to bring to your attention the following headings of the journal:

- "Actual historical studies" is for articles, devoted to the study of little-known pages of the past, thar caused a great resonance to the historic community;

- "International historical science" is for authors from near and far abroad. It is possible the publish the articles made in the English language here (due to the high degree of the language privacy strength);

- "Regional and global history" is for articles, considering the local history subjects in the context of general historical development;

- "Young science" is for articles of young researchers who do not have a scientific degree;

- "History of special services" is for articles on the history of the security bodies;

- "Fate and peoples" is for articles on anthropology and biographical sketches of the prominent people;

- "Methodology of history and historiography" is for articles on the history of historical thought, the development of methodological apparatus of history and theoretical foundations of the study of history;

- "New sources and source-studies" is for articles with source analysis of the new primary sources (in addition to the sources of personal origin). The source text, publishing here must be preceded by an introductory article, which contains a source study of this document. 

- "Oral history" is for articles with an analysis of personal origin sources, never published before;

- "To a teacher of history" is for articles in methodological assistance to teachers, who teach history and social sciences;

- "Comments and review" is for articles with the analysis of scientific historical research. There may be posted reviews of the official opponents to the protected the thesises for the Cand. Sci. (History) of Dr. Sci. (History) degrees. Such a review should be preceded by the introductory article (up to 24 000 characters), revealing the basic formal indicators (name of thesis, scientific institution in which the work is done, the leading organization, the names of opponents and their places of work, date and place of protection), as well as the relevance of the chosen theme of dissertation, the degree of scientific elaboration, a working hypothesis of the study; aim, object and subject of study; theoretical and methodological basis of research, originality of the dissertation of the sources and the author's conception; reveal how dissertator achieved reliability and validity of research results; What are the main results of the study; what theoretical and practical significance of the study as conducted testing and implementation of the research results, indicating the total number of copyright and collective monographs (author's contribution in the past), articles in scientific journals of RISC (RINC) and "HEC (VAK) List ..."; what is the structure of the thesis and what are the main provisions for the defense.We ask the authors submitting articles in this category to send to the our Editorial Board a copy (in printed or electronic form) of the reviewed work;

- "History of science" is for articles examining the evolution of scientific thought in various fields of knowledge;

- "History versus fiction" is for articles dedicated to exposing the fraud of some historical problems on a broad empirical material. The main advantage of the articles, sent to this column, is to study the genesis and consequences of (present and potential) of distorted knowledge of the past proliferation.

- "Scientific Life" - for scientific events reports. In addition to formal information about the organizers, the date and venue, please disclose details of the the agenda and new proposals and ideas expressed during the debate;

- "History and related sciences" is for articles of interdisciplinary nature on subjects close to the history and highlights certain aspects of the history and philosophy of science and technology.

Frequency of the Journal output is Q1. There is compulsory licensing at the Journal. The editorial response to you on the possibility of publishing your article is up to 7 days. We invite you to cooperate with our Journal. 

Respectfully yours,
Director of
the Electronic Science-Educational Journal
“The New Historical Perspectives”

D.A. Akhremenko

20th August, 2015